Self-referential Associations

When I first heard about this concept I was a little bit confuse. I was reading Learn rails by Example by Michael Hart

By that time the concept was to much for me, so I did some research. I found Railscast episode Self-referential Associations, it threw some light in the concept, but I still confuse.

Right now I think I understand the concept a little bit better but there always room for improvement. I’m going to show you the code for a simple self-referential association for friends and followers.

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :reviews
  has_many :queue_items, -> {order(:position)}
  has_many :friendships, foreign_key: :user_id
  has_many :followers, class_name: "Friendship", foreign_key: :friend_id

  has_secure_password validations: false
  validates_presence_of :full_name, :email

  def included_in_queue?(video)

I have to say that Ryan Bates solution probably is more efficient than this one but for me this one looks more clear.

Ok, so we have a User model and a Friendship model that has user_id and friend_id. Now is time to link this two models. The line has_many :friendships, foreign_key: :user_id is telling ActiveRecord::Base to get all row from the friendships table where user_id and the match.

This is the query: SELECT "friendships".* FROM "friendships" WHERE "friendships"."user_id" = ? [["user_id", 1]]

Thanks to the method has_many and some of the options we are able to get what we want, the option foreign_key let us specify the foreign key used for the association.

The last line has_many :followers, class_name: "Friendship", foreign_key: :friend_id let us get the people that are following us.

Because there is no followers table we have to specify the classname in this case Friendships and the foreignkey option will help us specify the association.

This is the query: SELECT "friendships".* FROM "friendships" WHERE "friendships"."friend_id" = ? [["friend_id", 1]]

I’m sure there are probably more better ways to do it but this one help me understand it better.

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