React back to basics

This is not going to be another post describing React and what is good or what is bad about it, I’m just learning it, and part of the learning process I decided that I will write a blog post for helping me maintain this new concepts. I will avoid many concepts, like how to create a project for importing all the libraries, I will create another post regarding that topic.


Back from summer resolution

After a long vacation, I came with a lot of energy and new goals for the new year.

So I decided that I’m going to start making things right, been a developer is not always easy, you have to continuosly update your knowledge and keep practicing even...


Testing Comamnd-Line Applications with Aruba

In the last couple of weeks I have been working, with a little project of my own. I always love Command Line Tools, I don’t know what they have but using them make feel more like a Hackers or someone that actually know what he is doing.

So I decided to build one, with the help of a gem called Thor, which by the way is a great gem, that help you build your CLI really easy.


Testing your rake tasks

This is the second part of my previous post Improving our rake tasks.

In this one we will discuss a way for testing our rake task, the example will be very straight forward. We will invoke the rake task and expect that some class receive the correct arguments.


Improving our rake tasks

Lately I have been writting some rake tasks, for downloading backups, for accesing API’s, or for automating teadious and repetitive work. Rake task are great, but dangerous at the same time.

We tend to add so much code to our rake task, that they become a source of errors. Following the principles of OOP we can clean our rake tasks, improving our code and making them much easier to test.


Working your way up with promises

Promises, what ??

I consider myself a ruby developer, not one with long time professional experience, but one with a great attitude and eager to learn new technologies.

Lately I have been working more with JavaScript at the beginning I wasn’t really enthusiastic about the idea of working with JavaScript but the project itself really surprise me.